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BodyTalk Plus with Adrian Kellar

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BodyTalk Plus

Do you want a life of joy, love, peace, and abundant bliss?  Are you looking to clear old teachings about the world and embrace a new vital future?    BodyTalk Plus frees you from emotional, mental, and physical disorders in order to embrace and attract a new life full of stamina, power, joy, and vitality. 

BodyTalk Plus works with your body’s natural ability to elevate and promote wellbeing, energy, and fullness of life.  Emotional, mental, and physical disorders can be healed through this alternative therapy empowering you to effortlessly release old baggage and pursue your passion with energy and clarity of mind and purpose.  Illnesses that can be cleared include arthritis, stress, injuries, migraines, family dynamics, allergies, and ADHD.  

Adrian Kellar uses BodyTalk Plus to expand, empower, and elevate your life.  You will be energized to make healthier life choices and create new patterns for living.  Regular BodyTalk Plus sessions lead to better living with confidence and peace in business and family relationships.  

BodyTalk Plus sessions are by appointment at my office in Victoria, Texas, via telephone, and/or via surrogate.

BodyTalk finds the underlying, hidden factors, not just the symptom which is the tip of the iceberg

BodyTalk Plus with Adrian Kellar