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How does BodyTalk Plus work?

How can BodyTalk Plus help me?

What will I feel during the BodyTalk Plus session?

Can you use BodyTalk Plus on animals?

What if I cannot come to your office in Victoria, Texas?

How many sessions will I need?



The BodyTalk Plus experience is as individual as you are. You may feel deeply relaxed and gently doze off during parts (or all) of the session or you may follow the flow of the session and remain alert throughout.  Adrian Kellar will work with you to feel completely comfortable.  



Having discovered a way to effortlessly release unwanted baggage, stored emotions and negative patterns from the past, as well as illness, many clients continue with regular monthly sessions to maintain whole well being and prevent the build up of stress and disease.  Your body remembers the changes from previous BodyTalk Plus sessions and your healing process continues with each subsequent session.  Some clients notice changes after one session. Most conditions improve significantly after 3 or 4 sessions.


I offer distance sessions via telephone.  I also work via surrogate.  A surrogate is used in the BodyTalk Plus session at my office as a conduit for treatment.  I am also available to travel to you for intensive sessions with prior arrangement.  Please email or call me with questions or specifics.



Like any other living organism, animals are vulnerable to stress which can lead to disease and malfunctioning within an animal's body.  BodyTalk Plus is designed to restore health within an animal's body.  Adrian Kellar's work with animals is remarkable and they usually respond to the sessions even more dramatically than humans.


BodyTalk Plus works with your body’s natural ability to elevate and promote wellbeing, energy, and fullness of life.   Australian Chiropractor and Acupuncturist, Dr. John Veltheim, developed the BodyTalk System™ in 1995.  Since then it has been taught to thousands of practitioners worldwide.   The BodyTalk System™ recognizes that within each and every one of us there lies the innate knowing of who we are and what makes us tick. This internal wisdom holds the key to health and wellbeing.   It is totally non-invasive and safe. BodyTalk Plus with Adrian Kellar is a powerful alternative way to communicate with your body, finding out what really lies at the core of your physical or emotional symptoms.


Your life will be transformed with BodyTalk Plus.  Emotional, physical, and mental disorders and injuries can be eradicated.  You will be able to attract the life you want by clearing old teachings and residual blockage.  It can significantly improve business and family dynamics.  

BodyTalk Plus will build your confidence and poise.  It can be used to address specific diseases and disorders.   It can also be a way to support life choices, provide clarity, restore your vitality, and elevate your thinking.   BodyTalk Plus maintains your body and spirit and keeps you in good health.  See Adrian Kellar to address some of the following:

Life changes



Recovery after surgery


Insomnia and Fatigue


Family dynamics

Business relationships

Disease and Injuries